Why energy companies need digital marketing more than ever

Digital Marketing can be extremely difficult for energy companies. Whether they don’t have the (internal) resources to effectively manage a digital marketing strategy, they don’t have the expertise, or if they don’t see marketing having a direct impact on their sales can all lead to these companies abandoning their goals. But none of the above excuses should be a reason to neglect a strategy since digital marketing is more important than ever for energy and industrial companies. This is especially key for principal-led companies who are ‘do or sell’ roles as the principals seldom have time to sell before because they are busy doing. Digital tools can accommodate this, especially for those who have options to use those tools cost effectively with ‘fractional’ expert marketing personnel.

Why energy companies need digital marketing more than everThe traditional sales and marketing landscape has been steadily evolving over the last ten years, but since Covid-19 B2B businesses who have adopted digital technologies have seen their business grow as compared to their peers. While the world is more open than before Covid, the impact and the companies that embraced technologies have remained such as Zoom meetings and buying products online. There has been tremendous growth in the value of the B2B Marketplace, which has more than doubled from last year’s $65 Billion valuation to $140 Billion and continues to grow.

Digital marketing needs to have a strategy in place prior to anything else. The first step in determining your strategy is to understand your target market, determine who are they, where they come from, and how they buy; the more information you can gather on your target audience (or by creating ideal customer profiles) the better you can serve your customers, and the more conversions you will generate. Being able to adequately serve your target audience will create a strong product/market fit and make sales that much easier for your team. Once your team knows how to reach someone who is looking to buy, all they need to do is present and close the deal. Even if a target customer is not ready to buy your product, you will still be able to nurture them from the top of the funnel into a sales-ready position later on. Sales can then be much like engineering, rather than a random event.

Software has plenty of benefits that help to reach out to contacts at the right time, such as if they recently revisited your website to download information, re-opened an old sales email, or clicked on one of your ads or content. Effective digital marketing and advertising then allows your salespeople to focus on making sales instead of looking for sales. But before you depend on software and technology, keep in mind that expertise in digital marketing is foremost. Did you know that the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) can help your small and medium-sized business to adopt new digital tools to help improve e-commerce or digitalize your business’s operations? CDAP provides funding and support to businesses because the government knows that to be competitive, businesses have to purchase digital expertise.

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