Top 10 Hot Digital Marketing Topics of 2022

Top 10 Hot Digital Marketing Topics of 2022

As 2022 comes to an end, we’ve compiled our most popular blog posts of the year. From SEO and the Google Business Profile to email newsletters and online reputation management, we covered a lot of ground this year. Take a look at our most visited articles to see what marketers and business owners like yourself were checking out in 2022.

10 Most Popular Digital Marketing Articles Published in 2022

1. How to Write SEO-Optimized Website Service Pages

Most website pages reach people at the earliest stages of a sales funnel. Service pages are different – they target people considering a purchase and who are evaluating the available offers. Our most popular article, published in 2022, provided an optimization guide for service pages, ensuring more traffic and greater conversions.

2. How To Create Google Business Profile Posts Easily

Many business owners undervalue Google Business Profile (GBP) Posts. But these Posts allow you to list sales, promotions, events and other targeted offers. Our second most popular post offered a detailed guide to developing GBP Posts.

3. How To Create an SEO-Optimized Google Business Profile

If you aren’t committed to updating and optimizing your GBP, you need to start immediately. An SEO-optimized GBP helps businesses increase search visibility and secure local pack listings for prime keywords. This popular post shows you how it’s done.

4. The Benefits of a Google Business Profile

Still not convinced of the power of a GBP for your local business? In this article from the beginning of 2022, we listed the primary benefits of a Google Business Profile, including the drive for hyperlocal consumers.

5. Why SEO-Optimized Location Pages Matter for Local Businesses

Proximity and relevance are two of the key metrics determining visibility for local searches and Maps listings. And one of the most straightforward ways to demonstrate proximity and relevance is to use optimized location pages. Our SEO optimization post for location pages outlined how to craft a page that satisfies consumers and search engines alike.

6. Assessing Your Business’ Online Reputation – Self Assessment Part 3

This article was the third part of our online presence self-assessment series and focused on how to audit your online reputation. By following the process, business owners can determine if they are doing enough to build their reputation in the eyes of Google and potential customers.

7. How to Use Email Newsletters to Drive Traffic & Get Business

Email marketing is a cost-effective, targeted approach to reaching consumers. In this blog post, we looked into the top strategies for creating email newsletters that drive traffic. Using these techniques, businesses can consistently deliver quality content that offers incredible value to readers.

8. Is Irrelevant Website Content Hurting Your SEO Results?

Have you conducted a website audit recently? If not, you might be surprised to find you have old, irrelevant articles that are damaging your search visibility. Our blog post on the impact of irrelevant content on SEO offered some real-life examples of the issue and how to overcome it.

9. Free Business Online Presence Assessment Worksheet

In January 2022, Rocks Digital offered readers a free online presence self-assessment worksheet for businesses. Covering everything from website and GBP optimization to social media and local SEO, the guide has given many companies a clearer picture of their online presence this year. Check out the post and download the worksheet for yourself.

10. Assessing Your Google Business Profile for Local Visibility – Self Assessment Part 2

The second part of the online presence self-assessment series focused on Google Business Profile optimization techniques. Readers can take a step-by-step approach to the fundamentals of GBP optimization, ensuring no elements of a listing are overlooked.

Honorable Mentions – Top 5 All-Time Most Popular Blog Posts

At Rocks Digital, we have been publishing articles since we first launched our blog in 2014. The following posts are our all-time most popular articles and still attract new readers to this day.

1. How to Detect CMOS Battery Failure of Your Computer

CMOS battery failure is a common cause of booting issues, slow loading times and freezing computers. By detecting CMOS battery failure, you can quickly get a replacement battery and return your computer to a stable state. In this article, contributor Wanda Greaves identifies the main signs of CMOS failure.

2. Get Visual With Emojis – 6 Tips to Implement Emoji Marketing in Your Digital Strategy

This 2018 article from Moss Clement discussed the concept of emoji marketing. Emojis not only add a visual element to a marketing campaign, they also convey messages in a simple, digestible format. Follow these tips for integrating emojis into your marketing.

3. 7 Ways Mobile Technology Changed Our Lives Forever

Have you ever considered how mobile technology has changed our lives in recent years? Andrew Gazdecki took a closer look at the mobile phenomenon, identifying seven ways mobile technology has shaped how we live and work every day.

4. Test Your Copywriting Strength: A Quick Quiz for 7 Cool Copywriting Tips

Debra Jason contributed this engaging copywriting quiz back in 2016 and it has remained a popular post ever since. If you want to test your copywriting abilities with a series of fun, creative questions, head over to this article and get started.

5. How to Identify Social Media Trends Before Everyone Else

Since we first launched the Rocks Digital blog, social media has grown ever more integrated into our personal and professional lives. In this article, Lissa Duty outlines the ways to identify social media trends early so that you can be a trendsetter rather than a follower.

That brings to a close our most popular digital marketing posts of 2022. Undoubtedly, 2023 will be another busy year at Rocks Digital and the wider digital marketing world. Make sure to stick with us for more news, insights and strategies in SEO, local search and content marketing.

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