The uncommon digital marketing strategy we use in Tekedia

The uncommon digital marketing strategy we use in Tekedia

This is our digital marketing strategy in Tekedia:

  1. Have a blog and put it on the homepage
  2. Make that blog a little popular to attract people.
  3. When people come, show them adverts on school programs ( and startups we’re investing (
  4. Keep making that homepage popular

It is an uncommon business model. Yes, people typically do not put their blogs on the homepage. But here, Tekedia chose to make the blog the landing page. Why? I believe that in the internet age, you win by controlling and influencing demand, not necessarily by providing supply. Supply is unbounded and unconstrained. In other words, there are many companies which supply most online services.

So, the most difficult thing is not developing the courses or telling people the startups we are investing in, but making people aware of those services. If that thesis holds, which we believe does, we must prioritize attracting demand (the users) and move the supplies (the products) to subdomains.

  1. Register for Tekedia Mini-MBA (Feb 6 – May 6 2023) here. Discounted price is N60,000 or $140 by Jan 17; price rises afterwards.
  2. Join Tekedia Capital Syndicate and own a piece of Africa’s finest startups here.

Monthly, Google sends us at least 70k links (including the school and capital subdomains which are not tracked, on mobile and web. The number shown is from homepage web-only, did not include subdomains and mobile app clicks). LinkedIn does and in total we have an average of 8k- 12k visitors daily (most visit directly). If you have 10k daily visits, you have a chance of converting hundreds to visit the school and the capital sub-websites. And that is what happens. That is how we’re executing our digital strategy.

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