Samsung Showcases Software and Hardware Upgrades for Home Entertainment at CES 2023

As part of its lineup for CES 2023, Samsung Electronics announced new TVs, Monitors, and Soundbars. The new displays bring few hardware changes but take software-based enhancements to a new high. Here we take a quick look into what’s to come over 2023 across Samsung’s Home Entertainment product category, which includes its TVs, projectors, and sound bars.

Samsung Neo QLED Displays Can Now Convert SDR Into HDR

Samsung Showcases Software and Hardware Upgrades for Home Entertainment at CES 2023
Image Credit: Samsung

Samsung QN900C

To start, we will focus on the NEO QLED lineup, which according to Samsung, will cater to every need you have for a TV, with the available 8K (QN900C) and 4K (QN95C) options.


The QN900C’s key selling points are its ability to output visuals at 4,000 nits of brightness, 14-bit contrast, and a hidden speaker system capable of software-based sound remastering. Samsung also says it’s leveraging machine learning to enable 8K Real Depth Enhancer Pro, which improves contrast ratio by focusing backlight in ~1000 areas across the display — this is up from 36 it utilized last year.

The 4K QN95C’s prime focus is on offering a more beautiful design and efficient packaging — which it does with its shrunken bezels and elimination of an external connection box — all while improving visuals with higher brightness and grayscale control. The model is also compatible with a mountable camera that can help with video conferencing and workouts.

A feature common to Neo QLED TVs in 2023 will be the ability to use deep learning AI and convert SDR content into HDR. While this should render brighter and more vibrant images, Samsung also says clarity will see improvement. We look forward to seeing how this software feature pans out in real-world scenarios.

Samsung Miniaturizes Micro LED Technology to a 76-inch Display

Samsung Micro LED Display Render
Image Credit: Samsung

Next in the lineup is a take on Samsung’s The Wall, whose Micro LED technology has been miniaturized to offer more TV-like sizes — 76 inches. It describes this hardware as the smallest and most affordable Micro LED screen, but the cost of this technology could even leave this in a price bracket above the Neo QLED displays we covered earlier.

Coming to hardware capabilities, this TV is said to offer 20-bit black detail, a 240Hz variable refresh rate, a 2-nanosecond response time, and a whopping 99.9% screen-to-body ratio.

The 4K OLED S95C Improves Gaming Features

Samsung S95C
Image Credit: Samsung

Last on the list of TVs is the 4K S95C OLED. The model combines Samsung’s latest Quantum Dot and OLED technology, offering improved brightness and color accuracy compared to its previous generation. The panel’s gaming features also see a boost via the inclusion of Nvidia’s GeForce Now platform being accessible via Samsung’s Gaming Hub. And immersion is said to be improved because of the display’s 0.1 millisecond response time, 144Hz refresh rate, and sound output via 70W 4.2.2 channel Dolby Atmos certified speakers.

Improvements to Samsung Frame, Projectors, and Soundbars

Samsung Soundbar Q990C
Image Credit: Samsung

Samsung’s Frame TV, known to offer a combination of a TV and art experience that many have appreciated, sees marginal improvement this year. For 2023, Samsung is adding new metal bezels and wooden-finish options alongside a new rotating mount in case you’d like to display artwork in portrait or landscape orientation.

Regarding projectors, Samsung’s The Premiere ultra-short projector shows an increase in resolution, which lets it display 8K visuals and images up to 150 inches in size. And The Freestyle — Samsung’s portable projector — can now merge the image displayed by two different Freestyle’s via a Samsung-patented feature called Edge Blending. This allows for an ultrawide combined screen on which you can enjoy the newly added Gaming Hub.

Lastly, we’ll touch upon the HW-S800B and HW-Q990C soundbars. Each offers Dolby Atmos and Samsung Q-Symphony support; the former helps create a clear sound and punchy bass image, while the latter creates a pairing with your Samsung TV that helps enhance audio detail. Also, if you’re looking for a slim soundbar, keep your eyes peeled for the HW-S800B.

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