Gartner Top 10 Tech Trends For 2023: Metaverse, AI, Cloud

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Gartner makes 10 bold predictions for the hottest technology trends in 2023—from the metaverse and super apps to sustainability and adaptive AI.

Gartner Top 10 Tech Trends For 2023: Metaverse, AI, Cloud

Gartner’s Biggest IT Trends And Predictions For 2023

From industrial metaverse use cases already in production to large cities leveraging cloud platforms to fix congestion and improve daily operations, technology is the key to solving some of the world’s most difficult problems.

IT research firm Gartner has unleashed its top 10 biggest technology trends and boldest predictions for the IT industry in 2023 and beyond.

For example, Gartner predicts by 2027 that over 40 percent of large organizations worldwide will use a combination of Web3, AR cloud and digital twins in metaverse-based projects aimed at increasing revenue.

Additionally, the research firm expects that in five years, 50 percent of the global population will be daily active users of multiple “super apps.”

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In Gartner’s new report, ‘Top Strategic Technology Trends 2023,’ the firm takes a deep dive into the biggest IT trends next year and what businesses should expect.

David Groombridge, distinguished vice president and analyst at Gartner, said many business leaders are expected by now to be focused squarely on post-pandemic growth.

“Instead, most are now eyeing the threat of recession and managing the impact of persistent inflation, as well as dealing with crises in supply chain, energy sourcing and digital skills,” said Groombridge in a statement.

‘Delivering Technology Will Not Be Enough’

To enhance an organization’s financial position during economic uncertainty, IT leaders must look beyond cost savings to new forms of operations while also continuing digital transformation.

Gartner’s technology trends for 2023 revolve around three themes: optimize, scale and pioneer.

These three major themes help organizations optimize resilience, operations or trust, scale vertical solutions and product delivery, while pioneering new forms of engagement and opportunity.

“In 2023, delivering technology will not be enough,” said Gartner’s Groombridge. “These themes are impacted by environmental, social and governance expectations and regulations, which translate into the shared responsibility to apply sustainable technologies.”

Here are Gartner’s top 10 technology trends for 2023:

* Metaverse

* Digital Immune System

* Applied Observability

* Super apps

* Adaptive AI

* AI Trust, Risk and Security Management

* Wireless Value Realization

* Industry Cloud Platforms

* Platform Engineering

* Sustainability



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